The helmeted client is attached to the main rope and safety rope from their harness. Then s/he is gently lowered over the platform. Slowly the rope is let out as the client makes their way down the rock face. Clients improve with each attempt and they can go down as often as time allows.

On reaching the base of the gorge the client has the choice of walking out or being hauled back up. The walk up has been designed as an integral part of the day’s activities. A gentle slope with plenty of rest stops has been chosen. It is a pretty walk, especially when all the trees are in leaf during the wetter summer season from November to March.

Bunji Jumping


Available on Livingstone bridge for the adrenaline thrilled adventurist

Nature Walk


Taking a closer look at nature with experienced guide in the Musi-O-Tunya Park in Livingstone

Game Drives


Game Drives are offered in all national parks around Zambia

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